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Date: 03.03.2021

High flow bypass surgery (EC-RAG-M2 bypass) started from 9.00 am, still ongoing. The neuro Anaesthesia & Neuro Surgery team of NINS along with the International Neuro Surgery team is showing their excellencies. Live telecast is ongoing


12 hours long Neurosurgery comes to the successful end.
High flow bypass surgery ( EC-RAG-M2 bypass )
started from 9.00 am. The Neuro Anaesthesia & Neuro Surgery team of NINS along with the International Neuro Surgery team ( Prof. Katsumi Takizawa , vice Director – Devision of Neuro Surgery Japan with his Team) have showed their excellencies.
I am grateful to my honourable HOD Associate Prof.Dr. Aminul Hasanat sir, Asst.Prof Dr.Azm Saifuddin sir , as they selected me, kept trust upon me, gave me this opportunity to utilize my knowledge & skills .

– Consultant
Neuro Emergency, Accident & Trauma, Neuro Anaesthesia
National Institute of Neuro science, NINS


1st successful awake Neuro Anaesthesia in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS Surgery)in the History of Bangladesh .

Indication :
Parkinsonian disorder ,
dystonia and tremor in movement disorders

Neuro Anaesthesia Team :
Dr. Aminul Hasanat MD(Anaesthesia)
Dr.Asif Ur Rahman MRCEM-UK.DA(DMC).MCPS(Anaesthesia)
Dr.AZM Saif Uddin DA(Anaesthesia)
Dr.@ Muhammad Shamsul Arefin Sumon DA.MD(Anaesthesia)
Dr.Rabiul FCPS (Anaesthesia)

Neuro Surgeons :
Dr.Amir Bandeep Banerjee MCh (Neuro Surgery) – India
Dr. Jalal Uddin Mohammad Rumi MS(General Surgery) MS(Neuro Surgery)
Dr.Bayazid FCPS (Part 2 trainee NeuroSurgery)
Dr.Neyanot E Ferdousse MS (Neuro surgery)


1st awake Craniotomy in National Institute of Neuro science – Dhaka, Bangladesh .

Removal of critical Intracranial tumour with preservation of sensitive motor & sensory areas of brain.
Neuro Anaesthesia Technique Applied :
Scalp block following Propofol + ramifentanyl infusion along with Dexmedetomidine.

Neuro Anaesthesia Team :
Prof.Dr.Hasanat Sir MD ( Head of the Dept – Neuro anaesthesia)
Consulant ( Neuro Trauma, Accident & Emergency , Neuro Anaesthesia)
Dr.Rabiul FCPS (Anaesthesia)

(NB: Pt has given consent to publish the short video.)edited 06:39 PM